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When storms or hail hit, navigating your insurance claims can be confusing. We'll make sure you're covered. 

Insurance Claim Specialists

Storm damage can happen at any time

Understanding the process of filing an insurance claim with your insurance company isn’t something you do every day. Unfortunately, filing an insurance claim isn’t a one-step easy process. If you aren’t experienced in filing a claim, it’s hard to know where to start! At All Metro, we offer a free, no-obligation inspection, to get you started in the right direction.

At All Metro CSI, we handle hundreds of storm damage and hail damage claims each year. You can be confident that our company has the experience needed to get the job done correctly. Our trained staff will guide you through the insurance claims and construction process from start to finish and have your project completed in a timely manner.

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All Metro Construction Services Inc.

Guiding you through the entire Claim process

Step 1

Home or Business Inspection

Once you contact All Metro, an experienced roofing or siding contractor will come to your home or business. A test area of 10’ x 10’ will be marked out on each slope or section of your roof and all visible hits, bruises, and indentations will be counted. Visible hits, bruises, or indentations are typically equal to hail damage. In determining a proper assessment of your roof, age and condition play a part. We recommend a complete replacement when we find as few as five hits, bruises, or indentations in the test area.

If there is no damage to your home, our job is done and all at no cost to you! If we find damage we will professionally document and prepare an “Estimated Replacement Cost of Repairs,” complete with diagrams and photos. If you have not filed a claim, we will have you call your insurance company’s claim center and obtain a claim number. If an adjuster has already been out and did not settle your claim to your satisfaction, you are entitled to a “re-inspection” from your insurance company. To ensure a fair settlement, we will accompany the adjuster upon inspection.

Step 2

Meeting With Your Adjuster

Next, we will meet with your adjuster or fax them your claim documentation. If the adjuster is approving the claim they will attempt to get their estimate as close as possible to ours.

Their job is to keep the settlement as low as possible on your claim. Our job is to ensure the fairest settlement possible on your claim.

Your adjuster will mail a copy of your claim settlement detailing the specifications and pricing previously agreed on.

If there are no discrepancies/supplements with the claim, we will have you approve the colors and brands for building materials and schedule your repairs.

Step 3

Reimbursement from Your Insurance Company

Your settlement check may need to be sent for endorsement by your mortgage company before we can proceed with your repairs.

Your insurance company may withhold depreciation from your claim until the repairs have been completed. You will not have to pay us with funds from your own pocket or bank account.

When the work is substantially complete, we will prepare the paperwork for any funds that are being withheld by either your mortgage or insurance company.

We will guide you through the restoration process from start to finish.

Many Customers Ask Us

Will filing an insurance claim raise your insurance rates to your current policy?

Our simple answer is NO! Filing a claim will not raise your annual rates! Storm damage is something the insurance company considers “Acts of God” and cannot be prevented. You were unable to prevent the damage and unable to predict or stop the damage, therefore, you are not held liable.

All Metro Construction Services Inc.

What Does Hail and Storm Damage Look Like?

Hail typically needs to be the size of a golf ball before it actually does extensive damage. Extensive damage can be:

  • Breaks through your asphalt shingles
  • Splits in your wood shingles
  • Cracks in your tiles
  • Dents in your metal
  • Damages or cracks to your siding

Your asphalt shingles may also be ruined by having minor indentations caused by hail damage. For instance, brand new shingles that show minor indentations from hail damage are still considered ruined. A shingle designed to last 30 years will be ineffective in 5 to 10 years if legitimate hail damage goes unidentified.

Minor indentations are very easy to miss

It is common for insurance companies and contractors to disagree over the extent of hail damage to your property. As a general contractor, we will ensure that no damage is overlooked and that you will get the fairest settlement. Keep in mind that it may take several inspections to correctly assess the condition of a roof that has been marginally damaged by hail.

Our Promise to You

Ensuring a Fair Settlement

When a storm is deemed a catastrophe, most local insurance companies do not have enough local adjusters to handle the high volume of claims filed. When this happens, most major carriers will hire third-party adjusters known as IA’s or independent adjusters. These adjusters are hired as part of a catastrophe team.

Catastrophe Adjusters are from all over the country and are brought in to ensure that people affected by the storm are able to begin the recovery process in a timely manner. In most states, there is a time limit for insurance companies to respond to claims that have been filed.

During any large storm, most adjusters are assigned multiple claims and given time limits to respond. Unfortunately, many adjusters handle 8-10 insurance claims every day. They don’t always have enough time to ensure that customers receive the attention or full inspection that may be necessary. It is not uncommon to have multiple inspections before a final settlement is made with insurance companies. Because many adjusters are not local, they are not always familiar with local codes and ordinances that are required by your city.

All Metro Construction Services is fortunate to have ex-insurance adjusters on staff that have been through thousands of insurance claims. Every storm damage specialist that works for us has had hundreds of hours of on-site training to ensure that our customers receive a fair settlement. Remember, there are many factors involved while assessing storm damage.

Our storm damage specialists work with your insurance company to determine an agreed scope of the damage.

Even if you’ve had your insurance company out, we will perform a full inspection to make sure nothing has been overlooked. Once all damage has been discovered we work with your insurance company to reach a fair replacement cost price so that you may receive the best quality job, to return your home or business to its original state or better.

All Metro CSI

Guaranteed Satisfaction

All Metro CSI offers FREE, no-obligation damage inspections and assessments. We will perform all repairs or replacements specified by you and your insurance company. Our staff will handle everything, including paperwork! By choosing All Metro Construction, you have the luxury of dealing with one contractor for all your project needs to give you peace of mind.

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