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Posted by All Metro Construction Services Inc
3 years ago | September 26, 2017

Your roof is one of the first things that protects your home or business from outside elements. That’s why it’s so important to have it installed correctly. When you hire a GAF Certified Contractor, you can be guaranteed that your roof will be installed correctly.

GAF Contractor Training

To save time and money, some contractors install new shingles right over the old ones. But, this won’t save you money long term. In fact, doing this can void your shingle warranty, add excessive weight to your structure, and reduce the overall life of your roof.

A GAF contractor has the training so that your roof is done correctly. In fact, their methods are backed by a lifetime warranty and proven to stop and prevent any leaks.

First, they make sure to remove all the old roofing and check the roof deck for any damages. If damage is found, they will remove the damaged pieces and make any necessary repairs. Next, they’ll install a leak barrier and then, roof deck protection. This helps to protect against natural elements that can blow underneath your shingles. Finally, shingles and a ridge vent are installed to finish the look of your home or business.

GAF Warranties

When you install a GAF roof, you aren’t just putting on shingles. You are installing a complete roofing system that is backed by a lifetime warranty. This means, that as long as you own your home, and have installed all the recommended GAF roofing products by your contractor, your roof is covered.

Keep in mind, not all warranties are the same, even with GAF roofing products! Make sure that you talk to your contractor about your warranty before installing your new roof, especially if you have any questions or concerns. In some cases, warranties can be upgraded to cover more than what is offered.

GAF Products

GAF roofing products come in a variety of styles and colors. Furthermore, GAF roofing has products for both residential and commercial clients.

For residential home products click here.

For commercial and flat roof projects click here.

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