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Insurance Claims for hail and storm damage

hail damage restorationAll Metro CSI handles hundreds of storm damage and hail damage claims each year.  Your home and property are protected from storm and hail damage through your homeowners insurance and it’s important to act quickly.

Understanding the process of filing a claim with your insurance company can seem like a difficult task, but All Metro CSI is here to help.

Hail Damage Assessment Guidelines


A test area of 10’ x 10’ will be marked out on each slope or section of your roof and all visible hits, bruises and indentations will be counted. Any visible hits, bruises or indentations are equal to hail damage, typically. The question becomes, “How is it best repaired?”


In determining a proper assessment of your roof, age and condition play a part. Though, we recommend a complete replacement when we find as few as 5 hits, bruises or indentations in the test area.


Hail damage is very easy to miss. Besides your roofing system, hail will damage your vinyl siding, fascia, the paint on your siding, decks, and fences. In addition, hail also damages gutters, windows, screens, A/C units and personal property items such as outdoor furniture.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

For a “Free, No Obligation” damage inspection and assessment, please give us a call. We handle many insurance claims and restoration contracts each year. The price of the repairs and replacements is determined by the contractor of your choice, and your insurance company. We will perform any or all repairs or replacements specified by your insurance company. We handle everything, including paperwork. By choosing All Metro Construction Services, Inc., you have the luxury of dealing with one contractor for all your project needs.

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